Work LIfe Balance When Teleworking

Work Life Balance: Separating Home from Work When Working from Home

Rumors and legends have long since swirled about the the mystical creature known as work life balance. Many hunters have sought its precious embrace, or to simply gaze upon its rare beauty.

While it is indeed rare to hear of work life balance in the workplace today, it is rarer still to hear the work-at-home professional extolling the virtues of a balanced life. But here are four tips to help you have a fighting chance of achieving work life balance.

1) Get a Room

Aside from the obvious tax advantages of having a converted bedroom or study as your at-home-office, it leads to peace of mind as well too. Being able to close up your last project or call of the day, get up from your desk, and shut the door behind you as you walk out definitely has a feeling of finality to it.

2) Clock-out Target

While you most likely have a general schedule you keep to, if you are like most teleworkers you work until the job gets done. Its this drive that makes you successful, but can make you a little crazy too. Set target times to finish for the day and plan project milestones that allow you to cut out as you check them off. By constraining your hours, you are also less likely stall on leaving dreaded projects sitting there.

3) Smartphone Sound Scheme

Perhaps one of the most insidious sanity-suckers is your smartphone. Like Pavlov’s dog, we mindlessly reach for our phone when it whistles, chirps, or whirs. Instead of letting your smartphone dictate your mental state, configure alternate alert themes that trigger differently for different types of accounts or at different times of day.

4) Enjoy Your Present

As the old saying goes, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.” Instead of hanging on to what frustrated you today or wringing your hands about tomorrow’s presentation, live in the present. Give yourself permission to let go of the worries of today and put down the stresses of tomorrow until you need to pick them up again. They will be there as long as you let them, so be fully present in the moment you are currently living.

These aren’t the only tips to help you shut the door on your work-at-home life and promote after-hours serenity. What tips or lessons have you learned that you’d like to share with the rest of us? Email me or leave a comment below.