ChangeForge T-shirt Designs

2 Great T-Shirt Designs. 1 Awesome Cause.

I’m tired of wearing corporate brands. So I wanted to have fun and feel good at the same time. When we get to have fun and support a great cause, something special happens. I’ve been doing just that, launching the SAVE 1 campaign (and I’m shamelessly promoting this cause). Here’s how it works: I’ve designed 2…

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Work LIfe Balance When Teleworking

Work Life Balance: Separating Home from Work When Working from Home

Rumors and legends have long since swirled about the the mystical creature known as work life balance. Many hunters have sought its precious embrace, or to simply gaze upon its rare beauty. While it is indeed rare to hear of work life balance in the workplace today, it is rarer still to hear the work-at-home professional extolling the virtues of a balanced life. But here are four tips to help you have a fighting chance of achieving work life balance.

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Teleworking with my feet up

Teleworking: Pants or Pajamas?

Teleworking, or telecommuting, has quite a few perks–certainly including relaxed standards on dress code and personal hygiene. But for those of you who know the joys of holding your very own weekly beard-growing contest, there are a few things we should attend to before you hand out any prizes.

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Chunking versus multi-tasking

Chunking Versus Multi-tasking

Have you ever thought “What did I do today?” Better choices lead to better results–It’s just that simple. But if you are like me, best intentions don’t help you reach the finish line. You start the day with a plan. By lunch you realize you are behind, and by evening you realize you need more time.

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Choices leaders make to stay focused

Five Choices Leaders Make to Stay Focused

How do successful leaders destroy distraction? Dan Rockwell (Leadership Freak) observes that successful leaders are the result of a series of small, private, unremarkable choices. Popular culture would have us believe that there is a singular solution that would solve all of our problems and erase all of our worries. If you just take this one pill, or…

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Prayers, Devotions, and Meditations — OH MY!

One of the keys to staying focused, avoiding stress, and being productive is keeping the many facets of your life in balance. That’s easier said than done, right? You are busy with kids’ priorities, work beating at the door, and juggling to find time with your significant other… And that’s just the start of your day!…

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Shed the Stress of Project Scope Creep

Shed the Stress of Scope Creep

I don’t know about you, but I manage a lot of different priorities each day. Some of these are small tasks that can be knocked out fairly quickly, while others can be part of a larger, more complicated project. To stay on my game, I have to stay focused and manage my time. Does it…

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Reduce the Stressjpg

Gain More Control and Reduce the Stress

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you don’t know your destination, then any road will do?” In other words, if you don’t have a plan for your day, your day will have a plan for you. It’s important to have a sense of calm and control over your daily activities. I continue to see…

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Two Things True Rainmakers Know About Staying Focused?

Are you content to simply walk through the rain with your little umbrella, worried about getting wet; are you simply going through the motions in life?  Or are you a rainmaker, with cracks of blue lightening licking the night sky with each new opportunity? If you’re reading this, you probably aren’t content being rained on.…

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Shed Guilt

4 Tips to Drop the Guilt of Overcommitment and Broken Promises

You’re productive. You get a lot of stuff done in a day. I do. But have you made a commitment to get something done and let it slip past you? How many things you have started and not finished for one reason or another? Pat (Smart Passive Income) sent a really great email to me…

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