Shed Guilt

4 Tips to Drop the Guilt of Overcommitment and Broken Promises

You’re productive. You get a lot of stuff done in a day. I do. But have you made a commitment to get something done and let it slip past you?

How many things you have started and not finished for one reason or another?

Pat (Smart Passive Income) sent a really great email to me today that was right on target with why I created destroy|Distraction in the first place. He opens his email with:

“Let’s face it. It’s extremely easy to lose focus, especially as an entrepreneur who is always coming up with new ideas. It’s built into our DNA, it seems. For me, it’s truly a curse – I want to finish what I’ve started but there are so many cool and interesting opportunities around me, I’m unable to complete many of the things I started.”

I’m always fighting the belief I can get more done than I really have time in the day. It’s what I like to call the “Superman Complex“.

One of the huge revelations I’ve begun to embrace is the residual build up of  self-guilt for over-committing — a habit which amounts to breaking promises. In my thirst learn and experience new things, the curse I’ve worked to curb is overcommitting. This bad habit results in a collection of subconscious “guilt stones” I try and justify or excuse. However, the reality is that simply not completing another seemingly small task can amount to finance charges on your mental credit card.

Over time, that pack of rocks really slows us down! But how do you drop the rocks?

  1. Getting focused my list of to-dos (and not-to-dos) prioritized has helped me feel like I’m accomplishing the most important things.
  2. I’ve been staging people that I commit to only a few priorities. Everything else is best effort.
  3. Work hard when deadlines are tight, but give yourself permission to stop and smell the roses.
  4. Reconnect with family and friends as often as possible;  hug or smile goes such a long way!
While the list is simple, it might seem daunting. What tips have you found most effective?

Until next time, get motivated, stay focused and make a difference.